Crisis Recovery Workshop

In association with Intergage and Vermont Systems


How will you bounce back?

In times of crisis, most companies are tempted to batten down the hatches and cut costs as much as possible. But this short-term solution can often have lasting consequences...

Now – more than ever – is a time to remain at the front and centre of your audience's mind. Offer your customers and prospects the familiarity, reassurance and support they need.

This workshop (hosted by Intergage and Vermont Systems) will review how businesses have responded to unforeseen circumstances in the past and which techniques helped them bounce back. It will give you valuable insights into what you should include in your recovery strategy. 

Businesses typically fall into four groups:

  • Prevention – The prevention model is akin to firefighting. Companies look to cut costs. Every decision is made with a view to tightening belts. 
  • Promotion – In sharp contract to the above, these companies look to push their products and services...even if it means appearing oblivious to the current circumstances.
  • Pragmatic – Companies considered pragmatic combined elements of the prevention and promotion models with varying success.
  • Progressive – These businesses combine elements of the prevention and promotion outlooks but to far greater effect. They focus primarily on reducing costs but only on things they wouldn’t require in the future, protecting resources such as staff and marketing.

In this workshop, you'll get ideas and insights into which techniques you should focus on to bounce back!


16.00  Welcome and introductions

16.10 – The four Ps: Prevention, Promotion, Pragmatic and Progressive

16.15 – The big takeaways

16.25 – How you can maintain visibility

16.34 – Making paid ads your friend

16.45 – Data you need to focus on

16.55 – Review and test your website

17.05 – Conclusion and Q&A

Who is Intergage?

Intergage is a growth marketing agency. We use marketing evolution, accelerated lead generation and automation technology to help ambitious B2B businesses to expand. We're a team of 26 marketing experts with more than 500,000 hours of digital marketing experience and HubSpot solutions Platinum Partner status.



Who is Vermont Systems?

Vermont Systems is an IT systems company that focuses firstly on improving productivity for clients by reducing issues, risks and vulnerabilities. Then it drives continuous improvement for them (and their clients) so they can gain even more advantage from their technology investment. This unique method helps Vermont deliver awesome results!  



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