Intergage CMS Training Workshop

Multiple Dates Available

Do you need to update the content on your Intergage website?

Are you new to the Intergage CMS or do you need a refresher session because it has been a while since you last logged in?

If so, this is the right course for you!

You will learn the Intergage CMS basics during a FREE online webinar, including:

  • Logging in
  • Editing content
  • Adding images and links
  • Publishing your changes
  • We will also cover the basics of what not to do and where (and why) you should be wary!

We will go through the basics in the first 45 minutes of the session. In the final 15 minutes we will go through any general questions you may have. However, everyone’s websites are built and setup in slightly different ways. Therefore, so as not to take up too much time in the group session, questions specific to your website will be answered outside of the session either via email, a phone call or a follow-up online meeting.

If you have recently had a new website built, you will be given a bespoke one-to-one online training session where we will look at how to edit the different elements of your website. Your project manager will usually arrange for a session to be booked in once your website is live.

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