Marketing Journey Workshop


To Agility and Beyond: Plan Your Marketing Voyage From Launch to First Contact

As an established business you would think you have been round the block and laid the foundations for a good marketing strategy. However, that's not always the case. Having worked with B2B businesses since the year 2000 we know that stunted growth can often be down to not paying attention to things such as:

  • your mission, vision and values
  • research and strategy
  • market segmentation
  • buyer personas
  • sales messaging.

That doesn't mean to say your business isn't successful. But your growth could be severely stunted by not focusing on each stage of the Marketing Journey.

This workshop will take you through the entire marketing journey and make you think about which stages you should be investing in to boost business growth and develop the ultimate flight plan.

What is the Marketing Journey?

Marketing mediocrity stifles the growth of even the best businesses. Some get sucked into a black hole and are never seen again.

The Marketing Journey is your voyage to marketing agility and beyond – an adventure every ambitious business must go on in order to fulfil its potential.

Continual evolution and regular evaluation is key to success. Evolve your business fast and focus your marketing efforts for maximum return. 


08.30 - Welcome and introductions

08.40 - What is the Marketing Journey?

08.50 - Mission, Visions and Values

09.00 - Research & Strategy

09.10 - Market Segmentation

09.20 - Buyer Personas

09.30 - Differentiation and Sales Messaging

09.40 - Branding & Guidelines

09.45 - Marketing Plan

09.55 - Partner Selection and Tool Review

10.05 - Staff Training

10.10 - Investment and Implementation

10.20 - ROI Analysis

10.30 - Customer Surveys

10.35 - Strategic Review

10.45 - Q&A

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