Are you the Marketing lead in your B2B business? Are you a Director, Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Head of Marketing or Exec? Chances are you're a small team, maybe even a one man band - aiming to navigate the changing landscape of marketing (as we know it) but seldom being granted the opportunity to bounce your ideas around. 

The idea of this event is to get you, the marketing professional, away from your desk and into an informal environment that gives you the opportunity to share knowledge, best practice and problem-solve over lunch.

Built around your needs – this is a networking event strictly for B2B marketing professionals, who, like you, are dealing with critical issues on a daily basis.

Who do you think you are? 


We would like to introduce you to the concept and value of brand archetypes. We would like to discuss the 12 Jungian archetypes and understand how they can influence and align with your company’s mission, vision, values and objectives. We wish to inspire you to explore, define and develop your own archetype.

Core event messaging:

  • Introduce – Jungian brand archetypes
  • Explore – archetypes and core fundamentals
  • Define – individual best fit archetypes and how this can be developed further

Event Focus

Carl, Jung, the Swiss psychologist, developed the original concept of the archetype in early 1900s. These 12 archetypes, which are effectively caricatures that embody the most common personas in literature, lend themselves very well to marketing as they allow a brand to align with a set of qualities, symbols and characterisations that are already embedded within the conscious and the subconscious.

The identification and alignment of an archetype with your brand allows for a deeper understanding and accessibility of your company’s ethos, mission, vision and values. It also allows for an internal reflection on strengths and weaknesses. Your brand is instantly more recognisable, human and therefore potentially more engaging for your stakeholders.



Agenda and Format of the Morning:

11:00am          |           Intergage set-up time
11:30am           |           Early arrivals and coffee
12:00pm         |           Mike Finn – positioning and context
12:30pm         |           Lunch is served
01:00pm         |           Gabby Arthur & Hannah Bryan – which archetype are you?
01.50pm         |           Questions and Discussion
02:00pm        |           Close






What others have said:

"Found it very insightful to hear from people in the same position as me. Was also nice to discuss my challengers whilst getting decent feedback and relevant responses."
Dominic Taylor, Marketing Executive - Custom Covers

"Think you guys have totally nailed it - the concept and delivery were excellent"
Richard Mack, MD - RT Promotions

"It's not often you get the opportunity to sit with other marketing professionals and share ideas and experiences. That is why I found the Intergage Marketing Leaders Lunch so worthwhile."
John Weet, European Marketing Communications Manager - Emerson Automation Solutions

"Good session with open discussions."
Sian Smith, Group Development Manager - WP Group

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